Balancing Innovation with Stability

balancing innovation with stability through ITSYou want to bring your organisation’s systems into the 21st century. Your aim is to fully utilise modern technology to improve service quality, create efficiencies and reduce costs. However, state-of-the-art but unstable solutions are no good to you and you want proven technology that has demonstrated real-world robustness.

It is possible to revolutionise technology in ways that are low-risk but high-gain. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) for public transport are used in Europe and North America but are less prevalent in Asia Pacific. ITS is a powerful new technology with a wide range of capabilities and benefits, but without the risks or unpredictability associated with brand new solutions and disruptive technology. This makes it a logical choice for a transport authority looking to take services and passenger experience to the next level.

Using an established system that has been implemented in many sites around the world and a proven track record helps you mitigate risk and gives you the safety net of working with a vendor that is experienced and knowledgeable.

Implement new technology without putting operations at risk with this solution

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Authorities

Tie all the elements of your public transport system together to create a seamless, satisfying customer experience. Whether you’re looking to provide a smooth transition from bus to train, guarantee accuracy of passenger information, improve control of transport operations or all three, an intelligent, holistic and strategic approach is essential.

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