Decision Support

You want to ensure decisions on projects and investments are made with the best possible information. Your organisation collects all kinds of data and you need an efficient, quick way to leverage this. Office Reporting ERP software

However, with this data living in different systems that can only be accessed by some staff members, collating all the business intelligence you want can be difficult. The data that you require for accounting, payroll and human resource management may be found in operational records or systems used by other departments.

What if I already have a whole-of-organisation solution?

Even if your organisation has an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is intended for use by both finance and maintenance, you may still have issues with data quality if the solution is not used consistently or incomplete data is entered.

This can happen when your ERP system is not customised for maintenance workflows and maintenance staff find it difficult or inconvenient to use.

How do I get better data?

An enterprise asset management software provides a holistic view of your assets, people and processes in a single database for decision support capabilities based on quality information. It is built specifically for maintenance departments, making it easier for them to use consistently so you obtain better data from them.

Integrating this with your finance software or ERP system will save you time and money while guaranteeing data accuracy.

Accessible good data is key to better business decisions. We have your solution

Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

Extend the life of your investments. Keep your assets in a state of constant good repair to minimise costs, unplanned maintenance and service disruptions, with the added bonus of lengthening each asset’s lifespan and increasing the efficiency of maintenance works.

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