Formulating a Strategic Direction

formulating a strategic direction intelligent transport systems for railYou are developing a long-term technology plan to harmonise your company’s systems and break down the information and communication barriers between departments.

Your aim is to gradually wipe out complex, generic and heavily-customised software that is difficult to upgrade and clunky. You want to move towards scalable, open, off-the-shelf solutions that will help you achieve your vision, not limit it.

Software made specifically for the public transport industry will not only be more cost-effective as it requires less customisation, it will also help your organisation be more efficient by automating processes.

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions are modern technologies that have been proven reliable in multiple sites across the world, making them suitable choices for any rail organisation looking to modernise with minimal risk.

Bring your IT up to date with minimal risk with these solutions

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Operators

Bus, light rail and tram operators can implement proactive management strategies and keep their control centres constantly up to date by incorporating intelligent systems for real-time tracking. Gather precise data and manage your operations more effectively through advanced automatic vehicle location and command centre technology.

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Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

Extend the life of your investments. Keep your assets in a state of constant good repair to minimise costs, unplanned maintenance and service disruptions, with the added bonus of lengthening each asset’s lifespan and increasing the efficiency of maintenance works.

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