Improving Services

You want to improve the quality of public transport by ensuring connectivity between services. However, static schedules that do not account for real-world issues such as late running or separate planning for different modes of transport can cause commuters to miss connecting services. This gives public transport a poor reputation and negatively impacts ridership over time. 

Your customers see all modes of public transport as parts of a single network. Using intelligent transport systems (ITS), you can coordinate and monitor all public transport vehicles in real time. You can ensure services complement each other and passenger information flows freely from vehicles to the control centre to commuters.Improving bus services public transport software

You can also make public transport more attractive by improving accessibility and adding services. However, determining the most cost-effective and efficient option can be difficult:

  • Is it better to introduce more bus services, or would feeder buses to the train station be more suitable?
  • Would a new bus rapid transit system have better return on investment than extending the tram network?

Using a transport-specific planning and scheduling solution that can incorporate a multitude of factors will help you create what-if scenarios, calculate expected costs and build a business case for change more easily.

Find ways to better serve public transport users with these solutions

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Authorities

Tie all the elements of your public transport system together to create a seamless, satisfying customer experience. Whether you’re looking to provide a smooth transition from bus to train, guarantee accuracy of passenger information, improve control of transport operations or all three, an intelligent, holistic and strategic approach is essential.

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Trapeze Planning & Scheduling Solution

Optimise your network planning, fleet and crew to ensure your resources are being used in the most efficient way and reduce your operating costs. Create what-if scenarios, accurately forecast the financial impact of business decisions and find the best combinations of workforce, vehicle and schedule to meet service requirements for tender applications.

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