Increasing Passenger Numbers

It is well-documented that public transport users experience numerous social, economical and environmental benefits, including better health, reduced emissions and increased accessibility and mobility. You want to create a modal shift and get commuters out of their cars and onto public transport. increasing bus and train passenger numbers public transport software

In order to convince the public to leave their vehicles at home, you need to make public transport attractive by increasing convenience, improving network connectivity and keeping fares affordable. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) can help with this by integrating all modes of transport for centralised intelligence and control. This makes it easier for you to reduce travel time and introduce more efficient connections.

ITS can also track vehicles in real-time, so you can provide public transport users with accurate, up-to-the-minute information that they can use to plan their trips and deal with delays or cancellations. This significantly enhances the customer experience:

  • Reduces frustration caused by unexplained lengthy wait times
  • Helps commuters find an alternative service to lessen the impact of unexpected incidents
  • Gives public transport users control over their commute

This improved convenience should entice more commuters to choose public transport over driving.

Make public transport the people’s most attractive commuting option with this solution

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Authorities

Tie all the elements of your public transport system together to create a seamless, satisfying customer experience. Whether you’re looking to provide a smooth transition from bus to train, guarantee accuracy of passenger information, improve control of transport operations or all three, an intelligent, holistic and strategic approach is essential.

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