Meeting Performance KPIs

Target for performance KPIsAs a transport operator, your organisation is expected to meet or exceed key performance indicators (KPIs) and live up to agreed service levels.

One of your foremost priorities is to ensure asset safety: if any equipment, linear assets or rolling stock are compromised, this could not only cause unplanned downtime but jeopardise the safety of your passengers and staff.

You can keep your asset maintenance cost-effective and up-to-date by using an enterprise asset management (EAM) system to coordinate inspections, record service history and conduct failure analysis. Having all your records in a single database makes it easy to retrieve information, plan efficient maintenance schedules and report on the condition of all your assets at any time.

You may also have KPIs on or related to incident response times. This could be a measure of how quickly your staff react to emergencies involving passengers or disruptions, or on-time performance KPIs that test your fleet’s ability to handle incidents that impact services and run time.

If your organisation operates a light rail or tram service, you may also be interested in intelligent transport systems (ITS) as a way to meet and exceed your KPIs. ITS lets you track your rolling stock in real-time, facilitate operation-wide communications and equip your staff to handle extraordinary events quickly using predetermined protocols and procedures. This will improve safety and performance by letting you manage issues as they arise or fix problems as they happen.

Use technology to work smarter and lift performance standards with these solutions

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Operators

Bus, light rail and tram operators can implement proactive management strategies and keep their control centres constantly up to date by incorporating intelligent systems for real-time tracking. Gather precise data and manage your operations more effectively through advanced automatic vehicle location and command centre technology.

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Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

Extend the life of your investments. Keep your assets in a state of constant good repair to minimise costs, unplanned maintenance and service disruptions, with the added bonus of lengthening each asset’s lifespan and increasing the efficiency of maintenance works.

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