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cutting costs with EAM software for transportA large portion of your company’s finances are sunk into assets. You want to ensure they are well looked-after and reaching their maximum useful life to prevent avoidable spending.

Poorly-maintained assets cost more: when they break down, not only do you need to fund repairs and replacements – you also have to pay for rail replacement transportation, expedited parts procurements, the cost of mitigation or lawsuits and so on.

How do I improve asset management?

Using an enterprise asset management (EAM) system will help your organisation keep track of rolling stock and linear assets, warranties and service history. This reduces costs by making it easier to conduct preventative maintenance and plan parts or replacement orders in advance.

Good asset management and planning results in:

  • Improved asset performance
  • Longer asset lifecycles
  • Better capital investment data
  • Optimum usage of assets and materials
Do I still need EAM if I have a whole-of-organisation solution?

A generalist enterprise resource planning (ERP) software may not serve as well in this space due to low utilisation rates by maintenance staff, which results in incomplete information.

EAM systems are built specifically for transport industry maintenance staff, with workflows, modules and database capabilities tailored to meet all of their needs.

Because it is easy to use, actual utilisation of the system by the maintenance department increases. This gives you better quality data, especially once integrated into your existing ERP software for analysis and reporting.

What if I want to increase workforce efficiency?

You can also minimise costs by making internal processes more efficient and deploying resources more effectively.

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) help rail companies manage all operational processes in real time, allowing staff to quickly detect and eliminate errors or disturbances while simultaneously utilising staff and vehicles in the most efficient way.

Reduce unneccessary spend and optimise resource allocation with these solutions

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Operators

Bus, light rail and tram operators can implement proactive management strategies and keep their control centres constantly up to date by incorporating intelligent systems for real-time tracking. Gather precise data and manage your operations more effectively through advanced automatic vehicle location and command centre technology.

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Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

Extend the life of your investments. Keep your assets in a state of constant good repair to minimise costs, unplanned maintenance and service disruptions, with the added bonus of lengthening each asset’s lifespan and increasing the efficiency of maintenance works.

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