Network Readiness

You need to ensure that public transport can cope with increased demand or unusual circumstances such as special events and disruptions. Traffic congestion, late services or overcrowding on vehicles can occur even with the best planning, leaving commuters irate and attracting negative criticism or unwanted publicity on the transport network.Crowd

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) allow you to monitor situations in real-time. This lets you deal with issues as they arise, such as dispatching replacement services and issuing alerts to waiting passengers through information displays at stops or smartphone apps. Empowering commuters with information about disruptions or changes staves off frustration and allows them to choose alternative methods of transport to continue their journeys.

Be prepared for extraordinary situations and disruptions with this solution

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Authorities

Tie all the elements of your public transport system together to create a seamless, satisfying customer experience. Whether you’re looking to provide a smooth transition from bus to train, guarantee accuracy of passenger information, improve control of transport operations or all three, an intelligent, holistic and strategic approach is essential.

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