System Maintenance

System maintenance for rail intelligent transport systemsAs your company’s size and operational complexity increase, so do the number and sophistication of the systems you use. Maintaining all these systems does not just occupy your team’s time, it also requires you to train, develop or recruit specialist skills in-house for particular systems.

Using a vendor who provides an integrated, configurable solution and accessible support takes pressure off your team to further customise or configure new solutions. This will free them up to work on more important projects that require an internal resource.

A comprehensive transport-specific solution that replaces several generic software systems will also decrease workload by reducing the number of systems to maintain.

Free up your team by reducing maintenance workload with this solution

Trapeze Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Operators

Bus, light rail and tram operators can implement proactive management strategies and keep their control centres constantly up to date by incorporating intelligent systems for real-time tracking. Gather precise data and manage your operations more effectively through advanced automatic vehicle location and command centre technology.

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