Nov 09, 2016
Ensure higher data accuracy with the Trapeze ERP's Stocktake App.

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The Trapeze Enterprise Resource Planning's (ERP) Stocktake App provides a method of completing a stocktake using a portable tablet with Wi-Fi capabilities, connected to a handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner. 

The stocktake is generated within the ERP and the stocktake, item and barcode information is then downloaded onto the tablet, eliminating the need for additional input from a desktop computer.  Stock counts that are entered are uploaded and synchronised with the data within the Trapeze ERP, making the counting and data entry process extremely efficient.

As well as efficiency, the system also ensures higher data accuracy by introducing many safeguards to reduce the number of variances and counting inaccuracies at the time of counting. 

Action Buses Trapeze enterprise resource planning (ERP) Stocktake app


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