“The Trapeze Taxi Business Management solution is integral to the RTA’s daily operations. It is mission-critical for not just our taxis, but the smooth running of public and private transport throughout Dubai.”

Adel Shakeri, Transportation Director
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, United Arab Emirates

Dubai RTA Taxi Trapeze Group Software

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) invested in a taxi business management system and improved customer and driver satisfaction while saving AED500 million.

The RTA is responsible for Dubai’s transport network, roads and traffic and also oversees the operation of all transport modes within the emirate, including taxis, buses, ferries and rail. Their taxi fleet, comprising 10,700 taxis run by 6 franchisees (or operators), is the largest in the world.

The RTA has used Trapeze Group’s Taxi Business Management solution since 1994.

  • 6 franchisees
  • 10,700 vehicles
  • 4,110 km2 served
  • 175.6 million passengers a year



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