Oct 24, 2016
Discover how Howick & Eastern saved $100,000 in a single optimisation.

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Howick and Eastern buses erp software

Howick & Eastern Buses (H&E) started using a planning and scheduling solution and improved contract performance, reduced man hours by 66% on tasks and saved $100,000.

H&E is a New Zealand bus operator based in East Auckland. Founded in 1939, H&E’s mission is to give every customer a safe and friendly bus service that is competitive, efficient and punctual. It is part of the InMotion Group, which also includes Fullers Ferries and Waiheke Island Buses, Mana Coach Services Wellington and Mana Bus. H&E has been a customer of Trapeze Group for 10 years.

  • 240 employees
  • 182 buses
  • 117 routes
  • 7 million passengers a year
  • Saved $100,000 a year
  • Time to create scenarios reduced by 66%
  • Time to adjust schedules cut by two-thirds
  • Improved on-time performance

Howick and Eastern team

To learn more about Howick & Eastern's optimisation success story, watch their video.

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