Nov 14, 2016
The world's largest intermodal transport control system uses Trapeze's ITS solution.

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Turnkey ITCS solution for London Bus Services Limited

Transport for London bus service intelligent transport systems software

London Bus Services Limited (LBSL) operates the world‘s largest public intermodal transport control system (ITCS). This system can show the dispatcher exactly what is happening throughout the entire network, which includes more than 770 routes, at a glance.

The current location of any bus can be determined at any time through various information screens. This allows more efficient dispatch of vehicles and helps to transport over 6 million passengers quickly and safely to their destination every day.

The iBus project with its data and voice connections makes bus operations more reliable and provides precise information at bus stops. The new ITCS solution has enhanced the efficiency of operations and resulted in additional savings.

  • Control centre: Hosted operating control centre for emergencies and escalation, 89 control centres for bus operators and 1 main control centre with 23 workstations for emergencies/police and 220 dispatcher workstations
  • Radio system: Analogue radio system with 80 channels
  • Vehicles: More than 8,800 buses
  • Dynamic passenger information: Self-learning prediction system for calculating bus arrival times at the bus stops
  • Depots: 89 depots
  • Software interfaces: Real-time interface to a display management system with 4,000 displays as well as web and mobile systems
London Bus Services Limited (LBSL)

Transport for London (TfL) works with 15 transport service providers. LBSL is responsible for the entire ITCS system and its operation and monitoring.


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