Oct 24, 2016
Turnkey ITCS solution providing common management facilities.

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Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) bus in motion intelligent transport systems

In March 2014 Trapeze were awarded a contract to implement a new fleet management system for the Singapore Government Agency LTA (Land Transport Authority).

More recently, LTA have taken a massive reorganisation of the way public transportation is funded and delivered in Singapore.

  • Intermodal transport control system type LIO
  • Integrated voice over cellular voice radio
  • On-board computer, integrated 9 port network switch
  • Interface to existing GPS location device and data transmitter
  • Fallback communications through internal modem
  • Map matching and satnav functionality for Bus Captain
  • Bus Captain user interface in English and Mandarin
  • Importing data supply from multiple operators
  • Recording of all trips and events with reconciliation and operational quality statistics
  • User and ad hoc reporting capabilities
The system at a glance
  • Control centre: Hosted system with disaster recovery site using virtualised environment, dedicated operator workstations and LTA overview workstations, support for 300 interactive users
  • Depots: Support for WPA2 Enterprise WLAN in depot with MIMO, automatic failover to 3G where WLAN is not available
  • Vehicles: Initial rollout: 5400 vehicles with expansion capability
  • Dynamic passenger information: Feed to the LTA real-time bus dissemination system, predictions generated using dynamic statistical history-based prediction engine
  • Support and operations: 24/7 third level support provided to LTA
Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) 

During 2016 two additional operators have been introduced into the Singapore environment. The Trapeze system is at the heart of this reorganisation providing a common bus quality management and monitoring platform across all operators with facilities for LTA to monitor and measure the performance.

Originally published by Trapeze Europe: http://www.trapezegroup.eu/case_studies/singapore-land-transport-authority-lta-cs


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