Jan 03, 2018
Autonomous vehicles will arrive in the near future. Here’s how they will revolutionise the customer experience and open up new revenue streams for bus operators.

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Maximising your return on investment in autonomous vehicles.

Trapeze Whitepaper - Bus Operations in the Autonomous WorldExperts and industry leaders anticipate that the adoption of self-driving vehicles will become widespread within our lifetimes. The advent of driverless buses heralds new ways of doing business and keeping public transport users satisfied: from providing merchants the opportunity to supply goods at the end of a commute to giving bus operators a chance to maximise the usage of vehicles for conveying both passengers and their purchases.

This whitepaper examines various out-of-the-box ideas for applications of autonomous vehicles in a public transport context, above and beyond tackling the first/last mile challenge. Discover how driverless buses could be used to boost bus operators’ profits, achieve government goals and inject more convenience into the customer experience.

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