Business intelligence unlocked with taxi software

As TEAMS is able to integrate with numerous other technologies to give you a streamlined, whole-of-business system, you will have access to an enormous amount of data to draw upon for analysis and study. Administrative tools like dashboards and reporting are available to make this easier. 

Due to the flexibility of TEAMS, the possibilities are endless: you can decide the most beneficial applications for this capability and where you wish to exploit it. Here are a few examples of how other clients have used TEAMS for business intelligence:

  • Integration with vehicle telematics to analyse driver behaviour and usage patterns to find more efficient allocations of particular drivers and vehicles to different jobs.
  • Integration with traffic management systems to observe and ultimately improve congestion in urban environments.
  • Predicting demand by analysing historical and real-time booking data to direct vehicles to areas where there is a higher likelihood of picking up a fare, saving fuel and time.


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