Dispatch and control software

Capable of handling large volumes of work, TEAMS provides a complete environment for the automatic processing of bookings from initial data entry to job allocation, transmission of details to the driver, vehicle monitoring while hired, shift reporting and cashiering.

The vehicle reservation and dispatch component is an advanced solution for control centres with real-time fleet information for call takers and customer bookings, with optional automated booking capabilities. The fleet management module facilitates communication between drivers and dispatch, supervisory monitoring and reporting, and tracking your fleet. Driver management features allow you to stay on top of your staff’s accreditations, qualifications and training records easily.

Further control and automation possibilities you can implement are:

  • Toll gate integration to automatically add toll fees to fares.
  • Automatic speeding alerts and even automatic fines to enforce safe driving.
  • Seat sensors to automatically start meters once a passenger enters the vehicle.
  • Multi-operator management for transport authorities who want oversight of all taxi operators within their jurisdiction.
  • Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) that allows you to remotely update every vehicle’s software without ever having to take them off the road.


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