Maintain driver satisfaction with the right transport software

You want to help your drivers do their jobs more easily so they can deliver satisfaction to your customers consistently. TEAMS improves your drivers’ working lives in several ways and helps them: 

Avoid penalties
TEAMS in-vehicle equipment is able to issue automatic speeding alerts to warn drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit, helping them avoid fines. You can also enable the out-of-vehicle feature, which lets them leave the vehicle for short breaks without getting penalised for rejecting bookings or lose their position in the queue for new jobs.

Save time
State-of-the-art 3D navigation helps keep journeys on track so drivers can get passengers to their destinations quickly and move on to the next job. You can also choose to integrate TEAMS with cash deposit machines so that drivers can deposit their cash takings for the day at ATMs instead of lining up for a cashier at the depot.

Smoothen passenger interactions
Improve communication between drivers and passengers with an app that can automatically translate verbal instructions from the passengers’ preferred language into the drivers’. This prevents frustration and misunderstanding for both parties.

Make more money
TEAMS can use your historical and live booking data to predict areas of high demand, which is displayed in the vehicle as a heat map so drivers know which areas to frequent for street pickups. You can also enable the in-taxi shop option so drivers can increase revenue by selling bottled water, top-up cards or internet access.


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