Keep your assets in a state of constant good repair. Minimise costs, unplanned maintenance and service disruptions, while lengthening asset lifespan and increasing the efficiency of maintenance works.

You want to move away from reactive repairs towards preventative maintenance. You also want to track all your assets and their maintenance so this information is at your fingertips for planning and auditing.


The Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software is a management solution for rail assets and maintenance. It is comprehensive, integrated and created specifically to serve the public transport industry's unique needs for maintenance. Its role-based design means users see only what is relevant to their jobs and can access all the information they need to do their jobs – component history, related parts, warranties and more – in just a few clicks.

Trapeze's EAM tracks all assets and infrastructure including rolling stock, facilities, linear assets, components and more throughout each asset’s lifecycle. It also tracks all functions related to maintenance, including repair and preventive maintenance work orders; expenses such as fuel, oil and parts; and vehicle availability. It can also integrate with other systems like geometry cars, giving you a rich dataset for analytics.

This data can be used to help you:

  • Improve asset safety through failure analysis and servicing history
  • Gain insight into asset and maintenance performance using analytics
  • Extend the useful life of your assets by simplifying the process of keeping them in a state of good repair
  • Capture real-time labour utilisation for better employee productivity
  • Easily track claims and monitor warranties by acting as a central database

The Trapeze EAM software can also integrate with intelligent, self-monitoring assets to receive fault codes as they are generated so you can perform predictive maintenance.


Below and Above Ground Asset Management

Linear Asset/ Maintenance of Way Management

Role-Based User Experience

Flexible Maintenance Scheduling

GIS Application

Out-of-the-Box Reports and Dashboards

Barcode and RFID Enabled

Touchscreen Enabled for Mobile Devices

Real-Time Labour Capture


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