erp enterprise resource and planning software for fleet management

The Fleet Management tools in Trapeze’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provide accurate, up-to-the-minute information for decision-making in the workshop.


Comprising a fleet manager, inventory control and purchase order tools, it allows you to integrate your workshop, maintenance and purchasing activities. The fleet manager tool lets you:

  • Automatically transmit defect reports from drivers to workshop
  • Track vehicle maintenance histories
  • Manage service schedules

The inventory control tool keeps track of components, alerts you when parts are needed for upcoming repairs and makes stocktake easy.

Used together, these tools automate the creation of orders and invoices as stock is used.

Your staff will save time due to reduced data entry requirements, avoid human error in predicting required services and have just one system to check for all maintenance-related records. These include order history, receiving authorisations, warranties and service history.

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