erp software for bus fleets

The Operations module within Trapeze’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system automates and facilitaties bus operations.


This module comprises five sections: roster, dispatch, driver touchscreens, performance monitoring and timesheet.


  • The roster tool is a complete system for managing shifts, rosters and award interpretation.
  • It lets you optimise the final roster to minimise overtime and pay penalties, manage driver shifts and adjust for driver unavailability for leave and fatigue.


  • The dispatch tool gives you a complete real-time view of all vital information on one screen.
  • It gives your dispatch staff complete driver management ability and speeds up the vehicle assignation process that takes into account yard position, workshop requirements and route requirements.

Driver Touchscreens:

  • Driver touchscreens empower drivers to view rosters, log vehicle defects, volunteer for overtime and view their assigned vehicle and yard position from remote locations.
  • This saves time and removes the need to consult with counter staff.

Performance Monitoring:

  • The performance monitoring solution measures staff and company performance and customer satisfaction.
  • The tool supports the real-time tracking of performance issues and corrective actions, helping you meet your contractual obligations and government regulations.


  • Update timesheets with a click of a button as changes happen in dispatch, such as drivers calling in sick or splitting shifts.
  • This gives you a real-time view of operations and an electronic record that can be communicated to payroll.
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