Meet your passengers’ expectations of how public transport is supposed to be.


Public transport users want to safely reach their destinations as fast as possible and to know if their services are on time or delayed. They expect comprehensive and accurate information on departure times, transfers and schedule deviations.

Trapeze’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Transport Authorities connect the moving parts of your system to a central dispatch office while collecting, collating and communicating information in real time. Sophisticated on-board vehicle computers communicate with a centralised operations control system, ensuring staff can monitor operating conditions and react to incidents proactively and effectively.

The data is housed centrally, which helps you monitor performance for contracts or analyse data for business intelligence and strategic planning. This data is also available via an open live feed that can be integrated with mobile apps, website journey planners and stop sign displays so passengers are always informed in real time. Integration with other software such as Trapeze's ITS for Transport Operators and third-party solutions is also possible.



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