Reduce costs and increase efficiency through the use of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

ITS gives public transport operators a real-time overview of the current situation, allowing you to provide a more reliable service to commuters:

  • React rapidly to problems as they arise
  • Detect and manage errors or disturbances quickly
  • Deploy crew and vehicles in the most effective configuration

Trapeze’s ITS solution is a proven industry-leading transport control system for bus, light rail and tram operators that allows you to track and manage your fleet in real-time. It comprises automatic vehicle location (AVL) and control centre solutions built on standard interfaces. This allows you to integrate it with not just other Trapeze solutions like ITS for Transport Authorities, but also your existing systems and vehicles.

This ability to integrate means Trapeze’s ITS solution can be used as a central source of data for reporting and statistics. This can be used to build business intelligence, comply with legal regulations or union agreements and optimise operations or schedules to increase efficiency.

The Trapeze ITS solution also increases efficiency by reducing the number of manual tasks that need to be completed in order to communicate between departments. For example, you can automate vehicle monitoring, standard operating procedures, driver relief monitoring and timetable adherence data collection.


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