Create what-if scenarios, accurately forecast the financial impact of business decisions and find the best combinations of workforce, vehicle schedule to meet service requirements for tender applications.


You can help your organisation run lean by ensuring your vehicles and workforce are working in the most efficient way to meet your service level requirements. Optimising your crew, fleet, rosters and route network leads to better productivity and large savings, both of which will make you more competitive.

The Trapeze Planning & Scheduling solution uses powerful algorithms to calculate the most efficient outcome based on parameters you input to achieve the goals you set. For example, you can set goals such as minimising overall costs or reducing weekly overtime and then set limitations or parameters such as:

  • Labour agreements
  • Regulatory health and safety laws
  • Driver shift preferences

This decreases scheduling workload significantly so service changes or last-minute alterations can be accommodated. This also gives your planning team the freedom and independence to investigate new innovations and ideas to advance your company.

This tool can also be used to do financial forecasting, statistical reporting and what-if scenarios, giving you reliable information to apply to tender responses and business decision-making. It can also produce printable reports of crew schedules, duty rosters and timetables, as well as integrating with the Trapeze Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for a truly whole-of-organisation solution.


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