planning and scheduling software for network planning

The Network Plan tool in Trapeze’s Planning & Scheduling solutions has an easy-to-use interface for defining routes quickly and efficiently.


It lets you precisely input key points such as depots, termini, timing points, vehicle stops and landmarks using geographical coordinates and to connect these points together to create route segments and define routes.

The customisable database lets you highlight average speeds for different roads or include speed restrictions in specified areas. The database automatically calculates running times and distances for service routes or for vehicle repositioning between termini and depots.

Using this module drastically reduces the time you need to define a new network and ensures your base data is always accurate. This frees you and your scheduling team up to conduct robust what-if analyses of different service options. You can do this to find the most profitable way to run the services when you are bidding for tenders, or on an ongoing basis for continuous improvement.

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